Morgens squatters in Facebook okupado por los Morgens

I've split my story proposal into the following sections


`My Proposal - The Digressions       My Proposal - Foreplay       My Proposal - The Nitty Gritty       Whatever you do...       Approaches you can take                    But you obviously don't have to use those elements...

Drawing elements that you can use to your advantage                  What I personally wouldn't do….

…but that you're welcome to do if you want        New drawings        Be bold        What I will do with what you write        Deadlines & obligations       Please remember: the drawings are mine        If you want copies of the drawings...


My Proposal - The Digressions


Sorry to digress before we've even started -never the best of possible starts- but if you want to know the whole low-down on who why how & when the Morgens were & are etc., the animation on the left will whisk you to all that's fit to print about them in the Morgens section of my Drawings Galleries. Otherwise, feel free to carry on flicking through the links above

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