Morgens Fold-out Telegram

This is a bethday card that I did for my youngest niece, Bethany. Here are some work-in-progress photos, with shots of the card before & after the colouring-in process . . .

I had the idea just a day before her birthday. I knew it was going to be complicated and tricky:

-it involved 2 sets of separate drawings on separate sheets of paper

-I'd be printing them on both sides of a single sheet of photo paper

-each drawing on each side had to coincide exactly with a specific drawing on the other side

-then the sheet had to be folded in a specific way into 16 separate panels on each side

-the finished card would be unfolded in a specific sequence, revealing a message from the Morgens

-EVEN IF idea survived ALL these problems, it would THEN be at the mercy of the THICKNESS of the PAPER I would be using for printing and folding over so many times

But because I liked the idea so much, I went ahead with it. Even if the printed card turned out to be a failure, I reasoned, at least I'd have the original drawings to give Beth as a consolation present. . . is the message sequence, both before and after colouring-in...

. . .and this is how the finished card unfolds...

. . .all in all, it took me a solid 6 hours from start to finish. The first of the folding cards on this page was for Bethany's two elder sisters, Nichola & Rachael, done either before Bethany was even born or just after