Michelle's Crossword

Michelle is a friend who sent this to me. She had visited this page and had seen the letter in the section above. This is a screenshot of a PowerPoint presentation that Michelle did. At the time, she was supposed to be preparing some university work in PowerPoint, but she decided to spend her time on something more productive and useful for society, instead.

Click on the screenshot (Opera, Safari, IExplorer) to download the show, or right-click on it & choose Save Link As... (Firefox).

A bit of background: once or twice Michelle had seen me and certain other addicts (Mick & Ian, you must be named & outed) agonising over Guardian crosswords in the Ship & Mitre in Liverpool. So, she put together Crosswords, my Morgens letter & other Morgens from this page to produce this animated classic. I love what she did, though I admit I'd never have had the patience to do it myself. Pure "folie", in the best Morgens sense of the word. But remember the Morgens' motto: without "folie", Morgenkind is more insignificant.
However, what Michelle could never have known is that her artwork spookily echoes something I had done some months earlier in the same pub, when I covered Mick's Guardian crossword in Morgen graffiti, to prevent him from being able to fill it in properly.
By the way, if you're not familiar with PowerPoint, once you've downloaded the file, press F5 to start the show, turn the sound on and just sit back & enjoy. Press Esc to come out of it at any time.