First step on the way to world domination... infiltrate the upper echelons of the Ship & Mitre... & worm my way into the cultural heart of... the 2008 Liverpool Crapital of Culture (sponsored by all the usual yippee-here's-the-gravy-train! non-cultural suspects) 51cm x 73cm or 73cm x 51cm. Indian ink & pencil on drawing card 200

This drawing came into being around the same time as I was doing The Campaign for Real Perspective (letting their hair down at the Mip & Shitre), and like that drawing this one has to be turned round to read it. Back in Feb/March '05, a pub in Liverpool had started doing Blah Blah Blah poetry evenings. I had been to all 3 of the events, and had just got to know the pub's new owners. Jim asked me what I thought about how the events were going, and I gave him my opinion in the form of this Morgens drawing, saying what me & my Morgens would do if we were in charge.

A curiosity that hardly anybody has seen.