Poster for an Exhibition (Romo, near Bilbao) 36.5cm x 29cm. Indian ink on drawing card £100


Aquí vemos a unos Morgens en baja forma. No sólo se les han acabado los colores, sino que también se han hecho un lío colocando los azulejos. ¡Vaya pandilla de chapuceros, digo yo!


Here we have Morgens at a low ebb. Not only have they run out of colours, but they've also made a mess of the tile laying. A bunch of cowboys, if you ask me


I took more control over this poster than for the poster for an earlier, joint exhibition in this same venue in Romo, Bilbao


Do you notice any similarity between the Morgens in this poster and other Morgens goings-on in this banner and this mapamundi?

This was my second exhibition at this gallery in Romo. My first had been in 1990, a joint exhibition with a friend of mine. This particular exhibition was in 1994. Some friends had arranged a surprise party for the closing day, bringing pintxhos & wine into the gallery. However, the party-pooping staff insisted on closing at the stipulated time, so we took to the streets with the drawings, food & drink. Here are some photos of that, in my Chill-out room

I had a small brochure published, as well as the poster. I had decided on a layout based on groups of similar or related (in my mind) drawings, which I called levels. This listing from the brochure on the right gives a breakdown of the organization, nearly all of which you will find in one form or another here on my website. And now, nearly 20 years later, I have actually based the layout of my website galleries on it. You can also see it reflected in this brochure for my last exhibition


 I even made the national press. This is from El País, Friday 9 December.

On the rest of the site, you'll find the poster from another exhibition a year later, photos from a later 1996 Bilbao exhibition here, here and here, and my last Liverpool exhibition here