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Level 4 - The Morgens Gallery

"Sans folie, l'homme est plus petit"
This may well be a quote from some famous work, or from one of Sartre's stand-up comedy routines before he took up philosophy, but I only know it as the slogan for a champagne advert in a French magazine many years ago. I saw it as a fitting slogan for my Morgens. The Morgens drawing with that title was a relatively late addition to what accidentally became a Morgens series, though I had used it as a title for a non-Morgens exhibition poster in Spain


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The Morgens were nameless until one day Esteban Ibarretxe saw them and gave them their name. I don't know whether they have a lot or little to do with the Morgens from Bilbao (film director Álex de la Iglesia & his set-designing crew), who Esteban named them after. That's not for me to say. The Bilbao Morgens in turn might have been named after characters called Morgen (invariably fighter pilots or cowboys in Spanish settings) that often appear in absurd cartoons by a famous Spanish cartoonist, Forges. Another Spanish friend, Estíbaliz San Sebastián, called them "frailes" (friars/monks) & "frailecillos" (little friars/little monks). I particularly liked "frailecillo", as it is the Spanish name for puffins.

The Morgens' first appearance was a series of unMorgenlike scribbles in an old sketch book . . .

. . . they weren't and aren't Morgens. They had no name. I didn't know what they were supposed to be. And I had no expectations of them ever coming in useful or ever leading to anything. The Morgens didn't exist then, remember . . .

. . . and they later emerged as extras in the background of one of my large drawings in an exhibition. You can see that debut drawing in another section of the gallery. I didn't put that picture in this Morgens gallery, because it wasn't drawn as a Morgens drawing. Likewise, you can see more Morgens elsewhere in the gallery, in pictures . . .    

. . . which started out as essentially non-Morgen ideas (but which they sabotaged, hijacked and otherwise made their own, as is their wont). There is an advertising banner and a mapamundi done as a commission. By the way, I've never been consistent with the spelling of their name. If you see it spelt Morgan, don't worry yourself.

 Today, even though I've drawn countless Morgens over many years, every time I sit down to draw them after a period of inactivity, I still need to practice a bit.

Here on the left are some nervy scratchy sketches from a recent Morgens birthday card. Don't they look just as unpromising as the very first sketches above, which were done about 22 years earlier

Anyway, this birthday card is here

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